Friday, August 29, 2008

Governance v Government

Proclivity in Governance: the epistles

(politics: the use of intrigue or strategy in obtaining a position of power or control.)

Politics is archaic;
a rootless parasite
on the processes
by which all systems
of life on our planet
evolve and are refined
in the slow heat of the
Universal feast.

Politics is mechanized system-
not to be feared nor sanctified
but known without acknowledgement-
by which systemic greed supplants
compassionate governance.

Not government,
for there is no debt in it;
governance is activity undertaken
en colonia, a living motility toward goodness,
within which individuals can respond ;
a dialectic by which mutation,
qualitative change,
is potentiated.

Government is absent identity,
fixed, speaking only politics,
impervious to reason,
seeking only sustenance stolen
by engulfing governance' spirit
in any of its aspects.

Planet Dwellers:
Live in compassion
so as to
create no gall
upon which
the political parasite feeds.

The beast has insinuated its
deathly arms
into every human archetype,
attempting to permeate the beliefs
through which good can be done
and greed is pushed
outside of the living memory.

Greed run amok seeks only
to destroy what exists for the other;
life shelters within the space
between greed and its
Politics is greed's language,
spoken by the jackals
that devour if only
to deprive.

Politics is cold, an undead language
from the crypt, emerging from between lips
that intersperse
this faux communication
within our words,
it sullies them.

Sans sanctity.
It is the snake devouring
its tail.
Not a living process but
deadly as war and robbery;
a system, a fully geared intention
toward possession of sensibilities,
precluding a human,
an altar, a lofty spire,
the sea,