Monday, September 22, 2008



A hold-over from slavery days,
when "blackness" of the" blood"
was divided into tiny fractions
through the many generations,
that were considered "Africans."
"'Cuz their blood is stronger,"
their features "so much bolder."

This view, a nicety
to cover
masters' vices:
progeny unnamed,
inheritance unclaimed,
imaginary purity

now the white race
subsumed by its own gluttony,
must abandon its mythology,
or continue to
disguise its misogyny
with crimes against humanity.

It sees itself disappear
into rainbows, shades
of "cafe au lait;"
So lovely, so superior
to hate.

some day, we will look back
to a time when
white + black = black,
and recall President Barack,
tolerating our poverty
of perspective on equality:
he is as white
as he is black
and has no ancestry
from slavery.
And our future as a nation
we have placed
in his brown hands' artistry,
his mastery of reality,
of history and mercy,
to lead us forward
our ignominy.


Wall Street

Transparent Economy: shhhhh!

Some few investors' are really big;
most investors' funds are small;
when trouble hits the money flow,
the rich make it ALL their own!

(Their government is at the ready
to save them, leave all other nations
financially unsteady.
It's the well established principle:
"Whose economy is it anyway, stupid?")

Capitalism and democracy,
over decades, just don't mix;
it's always the average folks
left up to their eyeballs in the sh..
uh, needing fixed.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Hedge Funds


The super-rich "entities"
playing in the (Wall) Street
found it too small now they are
fat cats, no longer sleek;

and the hours to play constrained them
so they made a secret pact:
all their names and money secret,
after hours and before tax;

their egregious sins are
"Hedged" against the common need,
when justice exposes them,
government helps them flee.

Say goodbye to Trusts and trust,
to an economy safe from lust;
as the shock engulfs the world,
into the breach all lives are hurled.




Why is that Depression
in the '30's
known as great?

Because that's when
huge banks were born;
Huge from all they ate:

Small town banks
devoured the farms,
became a tasty treat
for mortgage banks
to gobble up
by the country dozens;
then they got greedy too,
and split themselves in two
and disowned their cousins.

Mortgage banks,
Financial banks,
it takes two to tangle
monies, laws and countrymen,
Europe, Asia, smoking guns,
workers, owners, CEO's
players, scammers, politicos,
markets, funds
and jobs and taxes,
tip the whole world on its axis.

Now folks' money in banks' funds
melts overnight, banks get their guns;
"Your money was ours too, you see,
replace it with your tax, or we
will drag you and anything you have
with us into a darkened grave.

There'll be no credit for companies,
corporations, churches, union fees,
no paychecks, roads or bridges fixed,
your kids' teacher's raises nixed;
no homes or their improvements will
find construction costs in the till;
you get the idea, right?
Let's not get ugly,
let's not fight.
(That list was just a tiny bite.)

You'll make sure we get our Bailout
or you, jobless, broke and desperate
might find yourself in jail! Want out?
We are too big to fail, get it?
We will be Bailed, the law's out
to catch you but we're out
side the law.
That may stick right in your craw
it could be worse, you have a daugh-
ter, a virgin, to feed yearly
to this dragon who wants one, dearly.
See? Things are so much better now
that monsters will eat funds. And how
much worse it will be
if we have to eat your family?


Pain and Palin


The press screams for "red meat,"
but Mac's meat's kinda dead,
so he threw a babe into the ring,
to rest his hoary head.

She thinks that life
did not evolve,
but was created in six days
by a guy making
pie in the sky.

She is consistent,
must be said,
for as she claws
to get ahead
of her foe,
a tall, lean man
who teaches,
" make change,
Yes, we can!"

She hears her fans are moaning,
they want changes too;
she promises "Change Happens!
There's nothing for you to do."

She wants them to be patient,
and wait for the Big Guy
to do just what's best for them
and for his Pie in the Sky.




Two monsters of two different times,
committing sleek financial crimes,
dared proffer lame excuses
for their lowly lives' abuses.

Like a teen who's late to school
plans to make or play the fool,
explains details of " fuh-got
the time, lost the clock,
homework's a crime."

So AIG and Enron,
all a'sudden found
all their capital
was gone! (Oh, no!)
GDub couldn't save Enron
or all of its men
together again.

more recently,
his skills were honed
so this time he rescued
of AIG!


Sunday, September 07, 2008

RNC Electricity


Resigned and uncomplaining,
for lo, so many days,
a broad expanse of balding heads
and blonds, resigned and waiting,
for a speaker talking "red meat:"
who'd thought it'd be a lady?

She'd barely dropped her first brown bomb
when white beards flowed in waves;
Not since FDR's fine speechifying
had they heard anything electrifying.

Suddenly, their favorite icons
were Palin by comparison!
Trembling, trying not to shake, her
worshipers feared their pacemakers;
if she'd used baser emotions
there would have been mass electrocution!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Plastic Jesus


on him who throws the first insult
and then demands a truce;
on those who order bombs to drop
on citizens "for their liberty;"
on those who bankrupt their own nation
warmongers, greedy for satiation.

Let him who eschews our Constitution
to spy on anyone in our nation
be excluded from his own party's convention,
forbidden to speak and best left unmentioned.

Let those allowing the skies to warm
live to see their grandchildren swarm
round a small bucket of clean water;
those who forgot
they are not
the future.

Let those who feel superior
to those of other races
build themselves an ark;
set sail and take
McCain to navigate
(he glows in the dark.)