Monday, May 25, 2009

The Mind's Mind

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every mind is different;
some owners have control:
my mind is my good friend
and it has a mind of its own

some minds choose religion;
sometimes owners make the choice:
it's not up to me, you see...
it's my mind that has the voice

i've seen the mind's emotions
submit to the owners' will:
though my emotions overwhelm,
my mind will not not feel 'em

my mind gets right up in my face
if I'm not paying attention;
others' sole job is to support
their owners'
imaginary personas

choosers doubt minds' independence,
minded minds blame low IQ:
'til now, neither has suspected
to what these differences are due

if it's so some folks have minds
and some have minds with minds,
intelligence is not the key;
check "mindedness" for the clue

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North Korea/United Nations

Picture taken of the atomic bombing of Nagasak...Image via Wikipedia

MSNBC: Nora Dunn, Breaking News

"Good afternoon. This is what's happening.

The Urine Security Council met today" and condemned N. Korea's nuke test.
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