Friday, March 20, 2009

The Porks Eat Everything

colbert on the tellyImage by jima via Flickr

Steven Colbert,
sharpening their forks,

still the finest
to defeat The Porks.

Remember "Dead Wood"
and the sounds of
Porks devouring folks?

savings, homes and jobs,
dreams dashed,
for Porks, all are a fine repast.

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Too Small to Succeed

TOO BIG TO FAILImage by John Kannenberg via Flickr

It was a big thing
for a while
to teach kids

"A good self-image,"
was the chant
to free all people
from want.

We hadn't heard
of businesses
who were
"too big to fail."

That big? Our laws
can't remedy;
now we're too small
to succeed.

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Capitalism Killed Democracy!

foreclosure signImage by TheTruthAbout... via Flickr

While we were being told to save
our money for a rainy day,
all the factories and jobs
just up and slipped away.
Then, they say, grow your money
and with us invest;
you'll never go without, our
plastic lines your nest.

Money not spent on gadgetry
we use to pay each other;
our "service-based economy"
has only newly printed money.

Overlords we'd never seen
held our money "for us;"
they gambled theirs for magic beans,
for ours? Twice stole it from us.

"Flat-lining" on the beeping box
above you when you're dead;
our life-blood is new ink for them;
they can't sell the lives we hocked,
they tax what's left,
leave us bereft,
and act as though they're shocked!

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Lesson 1: How our Economy Failed

Hey! Where's your manners?
Wha'dya s'posed ta say?
These nice financial planners
are there to save us
each and every day,
teach us how their game is played.

When they are running low on cash
they call in a favor
from a government official
who brings $$$ right on over,
No Questions Asked.

Now business carries on again,
our forefathers did not forbid
them to party like the Romans,
bonus their minions
with our billions.
Oops! Bummer! Gentlemens' chagrin:
caught both lyin' and stealin'
Let the Beggin' Begin!

Pretending it was obvious
tax Bail money was for business,
no part of government asked
for an accounting or a receipt,
not a letter, not an email
of how they spent the Bail.

(That can't be true;
they're just "copping
to a lesser"
crime of stupidity,
of "I don't remember"
rather than their
shameless thievery.)

CEO's make hay and play and hideaway
tax money from 'sharecroppers' pay;
we feel a bit taken aback,
then realizing we've been had,
it's NOT all good;
we're fightin' mad!

Drag in Mr. AIG and make him swear the truth,
blindsided Congress hollers
"what have you done with all the loot?"
Mr. AIG is a gentleman,
remaining serene and cool;
he says he is offended (!)
by Congress' oafish fools.

Barney's frank next time he speaks
and tells it like it is:
the interviewer asks
"Why can't we take it back
and prosecute these deeds?"

Barney answers, with effect,
our laws allow for that,
except in the case
of the "Too Big to Fail"s.

A tipping point
is reached
when Corporations amass so much
of the nations' resources,
they pass into a "Nirvana" where
they follow only rules of theirs
and (drop your jaws)
they are no longer subject to ours,
or any,