Friday, August 08, 2008

Cain is Second


Though once he was the eye

of Adam's apple,

he envied the high opinion

others had of Abel.

Being of the blood-lust mind

of those who kill their own kind,

he could not restrain his violence,

and killed his brother

for expedience.

Understandably, he got out of town;

disfiguring marks

kept him safe and sound.

He found a wife when

there weren't any women!

A babe, and rich too,

he moved in with her

in the city of Brew.

Life wasn't always easy for Cain,

bad guys kept messing with him, with his game.

These men were also of the lust for blood,

like Cain's sons became,

just bad boys in the 'hood.

He lost his home, he lost his plane,

torture left more marks of Cain;

barred from high office by dirty tricks,

he's the Trickster now,

getting in his licks.

Try, try again, Mr. Hero,

you're a million years old!

The young are shining

with what's behind you;

if you persist, at the nation's cost,

it's the future you will doublecross.