Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Tail wags their dogs,
in more ways than one:
pack your baggage
and your bags
and git out of Town!
Do "soul-mating"
during time YOU own!

The line of criminals,
hypocrites and liars
grows too long to recall:
Sanford doesn't,
that is clear:
exacerbating his own fall;

himself he cannot hear.

With his tongue-wagging
from his saintly face,
as he's bragging
about babes
he has seduced,

maybe he thinks
he'll keep his job
or be the President
by flaunting "sexuality;"
He's out of touch
with how much
the public can put up
with sordid tales,
adulterers' betrayals,
and low-life reality?

"Out damned spot!"
Lady Macbeth
did shout
at her own venality;
Hey Sanford!
We can see
right through
and YOU
are simply

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Perhaps Al has the Democrats'
testes in his pocket
and when he takes his Senate seat
we'll see them on the docket!

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Republican Scoff-Laws, LIPSTICK ON A...

Pitbull or Victim?Image by cobalt123 via Flickr


they scoff at the law;
they fight dirty in DC;
Hypocrits, Immorals,
  Dictators of their Party

stay in office when they lose,
just to stall and to obstruct
the voter's election agenda;
but in the End? the

righteous rule. and the GOP is,uh,.. stopped


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Congress Inaction IS ACTION!

"The two platforms" From a series of...Image via Wikipedia


Does "racism" mean just
by a majority group
against a smaller one?

"against a race"
based on
skin tone.

Opposition's built-in
to "discrimination;"
but the tone of "reverse"
makes it sound like it's worse
or foolish because
"few" can never win.

The word "racism" fits
both scenarios
because neither is
based on one's merits;

One is not "forward"
(which has a reverse;)
nor is one more backward
since it wasn't FIRST!

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Saturday, June 27, 2009


CLINTON CONDOMSImage by TopTechWriter.US via Flickr

they saw

and they could,

so they came,

( beat disease)

they bought

all they should

(according to greed)

what they wrought

was the ruin

of "free love"

and economies

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blessed rest,

monastic vows



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True Greed

True Blood Ad CampaignImage by Codispodi via Flickr

long before my lies arrive,

old white guys

cast stones

and hide

silly suff'ring,

croc o' tears,

live donor lives

avoiding fear

hedgers, robbers,

thieves, dictators

torture, making

us fictitious

money's not food!

who ARE these guys?

playing the odds,

shame their own gods

far from Madden,

crowds' warped eyes

vamp the fruit,

glam us, the rinds


enforced conspiracy,

each year's a fee

for a rough-cut democracy


Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters in conce...Image via Wikipedia

Johnny is my Slingblade,

everyone should have one;

Billy Bob is getting young,

making music,

having fun,

using his life time

being him.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

I Woke Up this Morning

The goliath beetle is arguably the world's hea...Image via Wikipedia

off the hook,

free at last,

no regrets;

an outcome's cast

the race still runs

walks, sits & stands,

biology binds,

w/ alloy bans

free market WINS!

this round, 4 now;

human lust

must run, must foul

not my job,

not my fault;

treaty-bound, my weaponry

in their vault

spines stiffen up,

push comes to shove,

suck life from joy

then talk of love

crisis passed,

we're home at war:

on drugs, poverty,

always on Them,



the self


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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Teddy Kennedy

Senate HouseImage by stevecadman via Flickr

Can the Lion Still be Heard?

Teddy's called the Lion
because of his heart's size;
two brothers better loved than he
live their legends there, inside.

Teddy conquered Envy,
overcame archetypal Pride,
and, now unprotected,
pulled by history's tide,

transcended grief, the death of selves,
and turning toward our writhing needs,
through hails of blood and thunder,
impeding Hellfires' deeds,

he created yet more spacious heart
made common cause within;
raising fraternal sword,
The Battle Tyranny is joined.

Hero's avalanching truths
by thousands,
thousands poured to drown it:
he raged, he warred, he wearied,
rallied again to interdict:

in his voice
"of the truth
that shall never die,"
he raised our weakened eyes
to see a prize;
a great man, alive,
and wise,
to be our guide.

He's giving all he can,
his senatorial years,
and then, a thousand steps,
plus one, upon this road less taken
toward the people's right
to health, to life;
Forty Years, alone, ensured
our right was not forsaken.

he attends as well to other tasks,
tasks personally sacred,
will we own our mantle, vow,
keep our own dream alive?
Or eschew another battle
for humanity,
fighting only for calamity,
and be taken
in untimely hour?

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obama on My Mind

Undead Indeed album coverImage via Wikipedia

You know how you know
when something is wrong?
(It's a lot like
when somethin' ain't right)

An un-ease,
a dis-ease,
all day long,
"all day
and all of the night."

I thought I heard,
I think he said,
(I'm talking about Obama here
who raised me from the dead)

without saying who
and without saying why,
tone confidential,
kinda "by-the-by;"

"except of course those detainees
at Guantanamo
that can't
be tried"?

Impossible. He wouldn't say it
'cuz that would mean
he's ok with
suspending the "writ"
and "indeterminant stays"
for prisoners
(what's a "detainee?")
to be
in our custody
who no one can hear
and no one can see!

I don't know about you
but, to me,
the Magna Carta is
the very first brick
(and the base)
of Western Democracy.

Now there's a wind
blows inside my head,
slamming doors,
breaking glass,
groans of the undead;

a familiar,
an unwanted
sense of
nameless dread.

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