Sunday, June 14, 2009

Teddy Kennedy

Senate HouseImage by stevecadman via Flickr

Can the Lion Still be Heard?

Teddy's called the Lion
because of his heart's size;
two brothers better loved than he
live their legends there, inside.

Teddy conquered Envy,
overcame archetypal Pride,
and, now unprotected,
pulled by history's tide,

transcended grief, the death of selves,
and turning toward our writhing needs,
through hails of blood and thunder,
impeding Hellfires' deeds,

he created yet more spacious heart
made common cause within;
raising fraternal sword,
The Battle Tyranny is joined.

Hero's avalanching truths
by thousands,
thousands poured to drown it:
he raged, he warred, he wearied,
rallied again to interdict:

in his voice
"of the truth
that shall never die,"
he raised our weakened eyes
to see a prize;
a great man, alive,
and wise,
to be our guide.

He's giving all he can,
his senatorial years,
and then, a thousand steps,
plus one, upon this road less taken
toward the people's right
to health, to life;
Forty Years, alone, ensured
our right was not forsaken.

he attends as well to other tasks,
tasks personally sacred,
will we own our mantle, vow,
keep our own dream alive?
Or eschew another battle
for humanity,
fighting only for calamity,
and be taken
in untimely hour?

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