Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obama on My Mind

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You know how you know
when something is wrong?
(It's a lot like
when somethin' ain't right)

An un-ease,
a dis-ease,
all day long,
"all day
and all of the night."

I thought I heard,
I think he said,
(I'm talking about Obama here
who raised me from the dead)

without saying who
and without saying why,
tone confidential,
kinda "by-the-by;"

"except of course those detainees
at Guantanamo
that can't
be tried"?

Impossible. He wouldn't say it
'cuz that would mean
he's ok with
suspending the "writ"
and "indeterminant stays"
for prisoners
(what's a "detainee?")
to be
in our custody
who no one can hear
and no one can see!

I don't know about you
but, to me,
the Magna Carta is
the very first brick
(and the base)
of Western Democracy.

Now there's a wind
blows inside my head,
slamming doors,
breaking glass,
groans of the undead;

a familiar,
an unwanted
sense of
nameless dread.

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