Monday, September 22, 2008



A hold-over from slavery days,
when "blackness" of the" blood"
was divided into tiny fractions
through the many generations,
that were considered "Africans."
"'Cuz their blood is stronger,"
their features "so much bolder."

This view, a nicety
to cover
masters' vices:
progeny unnamed,
inheritance unclaimed,
imaginary purity

now the white race
subsumed by its own gluttony,
must abandon its mythology,
or continue to
disguise its misogyny
with crimes against humanity.

It sees itself disappear
into rainbows, shades
of "cafe au lait;"
So lovely, so superior
to hate.

some day, we will look back
to a time when
white + black = black,
and recall President Barack,
tolerating our poverty
of perspective on equality:
he is as white
as he is black
and has no ancestry
from slavery.
And our future as a nation
we have placed
in his brown hands' artistry,
his mastery of reality,
of history and mercy,
to lead us forward
our ignominy.