Friday, September 19, 2008



Why is that Depression
in the '30's
known as great?

Because that's when
huge banks were born;
Huge from all they ate:

Small town banks
devoured the farms,
became a tasty treat
for mortgage banks
to gobble up
by the country dozens;
then they got greedy too,
and split themselves in two
and disowned their cousins.

Mortgage banks,
Financial banks,
it takes two to tangle
monies, laws and countrymen,
Europe, Asia, smoking guns,
workers, owners, CEO's
players, scammers, politicos,
markets, funds
and jobs and taxes,
tip the whole world on its axis.

Now folks' money in banks' funds
melts overnight, banks get their guns;
"Your money was ours too, you see,
replace it with your tax, or we
will drag you and anything you have
with us into a darkened grave.

There'll be no credit for companies,
corporations, churches, union fees,
no paychecks, roads or bridges fixed,
your kids' teacher's raises nixed;
no homes or their improvements will
find construction costs in the till;
you get the idea, right?
Let's not get ugly,
let's not fight.
(That list was just a tiny bite.)

You'll make sure we get our Bailout
or you, jobless, broke and desperate
might find yourself in jail! Want out?
We are too big to fail, get it?
We will be Bailed, the law's out
to catch you but we're out
side the law.
That may stick right in your craw
it could be worse, you have a daugh-
ter, a virgin, to feed yearly
to this dragon who wants one, dearly.
See? Things are so much better now
that monsters will eat funds. And how
much worse it will be
if we have to eat your family?