Friday, March 20, 2009

Capitalism Killed Democracy!

foreclosure signImage by TheTruthAbout... via Flickr

While we were being told to save
our money for a rainy day,
all the factories and jobs
just up and slipped away.
Then, they say, grow your money
and with us invest;
you'll never go without, our
plastic lines your nest.

Money not spent on gadgetry
we use to pay each other;
our "service-based economy"
has only newly printed money.

Overlords we'd never seen
held our money "for us;"
they gambled theirs for magic beans,
for ours? Twice stole it from us.

"Flat-lining" on the beeping box
above you when you're dead;
our life-blood is new ink for them;
they can't sell the lives we hocked,
they tax what's left,
leave us bereft,
and act as though they're shocked!

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