Monday, January 05, 2009

Joyce Kilmer's "Tree"


I think I cannot stand to see

more war victims on tv;

bodies dragged, trundled and carried,

laid in the street, witnessed, buried.

Their buildings rubblized, complete

and their tormentors complain

when they must seek

shelter if they hear

a big "sparkler's" might be near;

this shelter's finished, it's a room

far finer than a Palestinian home.

Israelists gossip and chat

inside, a minute, two, that's that.

Gaza City? Not one structure
left intact.

the supreme israelist

was compelled to say,

"We're teaching them a lesson,

for scaring us today;

scare us? you will die, our way.

his racist contempt for the "other"

oozed from round his eye's balls...Hey!

he's had "some work done,"

betcha five!

what kind of villain calls it a lesson

when he kills 600, many children?

Next day? Kill 100,
their casualty-
It's fair to them!
They are "RIGHT"
that's right,
far to the right
of the Reich!

Charles Manson was abused
by his mother, unfairly used,
imprisoned most of his life,
came out a monster-killed on sight.
Too bad for all when folks get screwed;
they're twisted with a short, hot fuse.
often it is their children too
Israelists , they've got a clue
they're monsters, but they've paid their dues,
if you piss 'em off, that's death to you.

Think a sec, this guy's top dog
on international tv;
all world leaders, their people too
are watching to see what he'll do.

And, straight-faced, no hesitation,
he's playing teacher
and this is his "lesson."